“combining distinctive
craftmanship with nature's


To create for ourselves and for our children’s children
As we dance lightly, in beauty, harmony and integrity

reverence is our touchstone...guiding our steps along this path

Where creativity is an attitude, a verb, a way of doing.
We yawn at unthinking status quo... peer into the dark with tenacity... insist on moments of uncertainty and suspense – the alternative – to work with what already is.

We start by standing on the shoulders of giants, than look beyond...gather, imagine...act...reflect
We ask questions. By asking what lens do we choose we intentionally change the focus. We stay awake, alive to the possibilities.

We broaden and awaken our senses.
Evolve visions and sustain values...that embody our truth
The shared vision guides and shapes our decisions...
And above all, we know that people and relationship are key to our we nourish and acknowledge... and celebrate along the way

We listen quietly to the land and the people... and be open to what emerges... we are the bridge that links the two in wonder and delight
Through the cycles of the seasons, we navigate the inner and outer worlds – as we seek the pathways that bring forth the sacred into the physical

The outcome...alive architecture...places of profound beauty and healing that lead the way to a more authentic self and deepening relationships with others and all of life.                                                    Charissa Snijders 2007



Sustainable Commitments

A healthy workplace

Health of the team is key to the success of CSA

  • We encourage the team to actively prioritise their own health and safety
  • Quarterly review and check in to see where everyone is at
  • Identify thoughtful milestone moments with the team
  • Acknowledge and celebrate milestone moments along the way
  • Value our team and encourage on-going learning

Purchasing power

We avoid buying unnecessary things in the first place.

  • Buy FSC recycled paper, double side printing and recylce
  • Support like-minded businesses, – eg printers – Kyocera
  • work with aligned consultants – so that we are all committed to delivering the best outcome
  • When we source, or specify products for our projects we specify FSC, DECLARE products and/or sustainable certified wherever possible.

Waste management

We follow circular economy principles and aim to:

  • Recycle toners, batteries and outdated electrical equipment, bottles etc
  • Compost food waste,
  • Recycle all plastic bags
  • Encourage clients and contractors to adopt waste management best practice
  • Transport awareness We are committed to taking public transport or cycling/walking to meetings and to/from work wherever possible
  • Planning meetings to optimise time and fuel consumption
  • Start saving for an electric car – purchase by 2020
  • Fill the car with biofuels
  • Minimising air flights and offsetting carbon for any necessary flights
  • Our aim is to put in place the Annual Carbon Emissions calculator by June 2017 to measure the carbon dioxide emissions from our work-related travel
  • Off-set emissions with Million metres stream project

Energy Savings

  • Turn off computers, lights and using rechargeable batteries,
  • Using an electricity provider that only supplies electricity from renewable sources

CSA in community

  • Supporting the Million Metres, Sustainable coastlines to help waterways around Herald Island
  • Member of the Herald Island Environmental Group – Waterways spokesperson
  • NZ Living Futures Chapter and Living Futures Community sponsor since 2012
  • Biomimcry 3.8 sponsor since 2012
  • Annually donating to Lifewise and Women’s refuge



Creative Expression



Sacred manifestation 



On-going Learning